What's on!


One Bite Only!

at The Three Sisters Edinburgh

August 4th - 28th (not 16th)

Our double-bill show is at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

We got 4 stars from Theatre Weekly! Check out the review here!

Past Events!

Comedy Scratch Night!

at Blunt Knife Co. Edinburgh

Thursday 19th May

Hosted by Sara Palomarr. With guests Becca Bain, Jaqueline Jay Wilde/Letitia Perinue, Chelsea Young, Miss A Legg, and Brenda! INFO

SAM Comedy Night!

at Smoke and Mirrors Edinburgh

Sunday 3rd April

We performed at this lovely comedy night!! Organised by Scene Alba Magazine

One Bite Only!

at Van Winkle West Glasgow

Sunday 20th March

Our double bill show went to the Glasgow International Comedy Festival! INFO

Comedy Scratch Night!

at Blunt Knife Co. Edinburgh

Thursday 24th March

We hosted this event with guests Kathleen Hughes, Roisin Kenny and Little Strings


at Monkey Barrel Edinburgh

Wednesday 16th February

Details here


Online event

Wednesday 19th Jan

Angie was isolating in the same flat as Sara!Watch video recording on FB here

Spangled Cabaret

at Riding Room Glasgow

Monday 1st Nov

Our first onstage appearance as the dafties!details here

Thursday 29th July

What talent do you wish you had? Why don’t you have it?

Thursday 24th June

What’s your favourite rule to break? Does breaking it make you feel at all guilty?

Thursday 27th May

How different is your life now from your childhood ambition? Bring your inner child and let them answer the question.

Thursday 29th April

How would you describe your dream job? Can it be compared to the one you have now?

Thursday 25th March

What is your most embarrassing memory? Include a musical element at some point.

Saturday 6th March

We introduced the Scottish segment!

Thursday 25th February

What film best describes your life? Bring your adaption to life through your comedy performance

The Lassies' Laugh

Saturday 30th January

We performed a 5 minute set!

Thursday 28th January

How would you describe your 2020? Do not use full sentences, ideally don’t use words at all.

About Alternative Interviews!...

A question themed alternative comedy extravaganza!

A platform to enable performers to continue generating material during lockdown!

took place via zoom on the last Thursday of each month!

How people got involved in Alternative Interviews!...

Performed a 5 minute set

(Expressed interest now by filling in a short google form)Promoted a create project in the Adverts section or helped out with the eventemailed thedaftduocomedy@gmail.com for details

The following Alternative Interviews events were produced and hosted by Sara (one of the Dafties!) and Angela (the other Daftie!) performed in them! ... In 2021 Angela came onboard to help produce and host Alternative Interviews as The Daft Duo!

Wednesday 24th June

If you were told your talent could save humanity from an alien invasion how would you do it?

Wednesday 27th May

How do you keep a creative mind busy while in a box?



When and where they were presented, and links to more info!

5th October 2020PPE
Our first project as The Daft Duo! Pintsize Plays competition (A snippet of PPE was featured in the highlights video)




Who we are!

We are The Daft Duo!
An Edinburgh based comedy collaboration between Sara Palomarr and Angela Legg! - Using a signature blend of alternative comedy clownery!In 2020 lockdown we had loads of fun making silly videos together! We also produced and hosted Alternative Interviews Zoom events!

Since we've been allowed out to in-person events we've had a go at taking the Dafties out, including to Monkey Barrel Top Banana, Spangled Cabaret and SAM Queer Comedy Night.

We organise Comedy Scratch Night events with Blunt Knife Edinburgh and we are heading to the Edinburgh Fringe in August with our double-bill show One Bite Only!







Our creative community!